Covington Family Photography - Chimney Park

I love exploring new parks with my family, especially with Kaden. At four years old, he's a playground aficionado and veteran. So, when we stumbled upon Downtown Covington's Chimney Park, he looked a little dumbfounded, “What is this place? Where are the swings? Um, can we go now?”

But we stayed, and it didn't take him long to appreciate the beautiful and unusual natural playground that makes Chimney Park special.

kids photography in chimney park
chimney park covington georgia
chimney park playing on bridge

The park's signature is the ruins of a farm house built in the early 1900s. All that remains is the house's foundation and a towering red brick chimney (hence the park's name). Kaden insisted it was a castle with dungeons, and that story worked better for me too. 

chimney park kaden's castle
scaling the walls at chimney park in covington
children's portrait chimney park window

The park in many ways is a big art project and outdoor museum. There's something new to discover every few feet, from incredible tree carvings to rock mazes, huts and an interesting collection of suspended bicycles. But my favorite feature was a free-standing window frame from the original house. Kaden thought it was pretty cool too.  

hay toss at chimney park
fun in the hay at chimney park in covington
pumping water at chimney park downtown covington
child portrait on chimney park's tree bench

Chimney Park has lots to offer kids and families who want a change of pace from the typical park or playground. It even serves up a nice tree bench for the young explorer who needs a nap. Having Nana on hand always makes the nap more inviting.  

family photograph at chimney park tree bench

Would you like photos of your child or family at Chimney Park or another location in Covington or the Atlanta Metro Area? Contact me and let's make it happen.