Family Photography: Darth Vader: The-Not-So-Dark Side

Ah, the progression of Halloween costumes as they grow older. Two years ago Kaden wanted to be a cow. Last year, a pirate, but of the Neverland variety. This Halloween, he was rollin' with the Empire and totally down with the dark side of the force. Well, in his mind anyway... 


Darth Vader using the force - kids photography
Darth Vader Halloween
kids halloween portrait - Darth Vader

We went trick-or-treating in Downtown Covington's Square, and one of the local businesses was handing out mini LED lights to the kids instead of candy. That worked out perfectly for this next image - who needs a light saber anyway? 

cool low light shot with led light
Darth Vader unmasked kids portrait

My 6-month-old, who had absolutely no say in his costume choice, was a bumble bee. At least the Universe is safe from him..for now...

toddler portrait bumble bee for halloween