Covington Kids Photography: Kalia

I love the following image of Kalia for her immediate natural beauty, soulful gaze and sweet smile. But, I especially love it because she held this expression as she watched her photographer, five minutes into the shoot, lie stomach-down on an ant bed then jump up into a spastic slap-dance while wincing, "I think we need a time-out...I LITERALLY have ants in my pants." Some photographers have their way of breaking the ice...I have mine. 

 photography portrait of young girl in covington ga
 girl swinging from tree portrait in covington
 young girl outdoor portrait in covington ga
 girld swinging from tree outdoor portrait in covington georgia

Kalia was tons of fun to photograph. She's a true combination of beauty and energy and all the magic that comes with being eight years old. These boots were made for leaping...

 kids photography action shot in covington


 kids photography action shot swinging
 outdoor portrait of girl swinging


 photography action shot of girl jumping

And running...

 portrait of young girl running 

And along with all that energy and spirit comes incredible beauty and serenity...

 black and white portrait of girl in covington
 outdoor fall portrait of girl in georgia
 child's portrait on antique car
 girl portrait sunset light in covington
 kids portrait golden hour light
 covington photographer kids portrait
 girl serene portrait covington georgia

Thanks to Kalia, Jennifer and Doreen and Earl. These images will last a lifetime. I'm hoping the ant bites won't last more than two weeks...

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