Covington Photographer: Papa's Swing

My son, Kaden, never met a swing he didn't like, but he loves the swing papa and nana made him in their backyard. Tied to a big-old pecan tree and overlooking pines, a giant pond and visiting deer, it's not only a great place to swing, it's one of the best seats at the house. 

Between the various tablets, smartphones, computers, on-demand TV and streaming technologies that  continually compete for his 4-year-old curiosity and attention span, it's a relief to see him captivated by something as simple as a swing in the woods. 

covington photographer kids portrait backyard swinging
covington photographer kid swinging in oxford georgia
covington ga photographer kids portrait deep in thought

Sometimes though, when the actual swinging starts, some of my relief dissipates and in its place I feel a smidgen of...concern.

covington georgia photographer kids action shot swinging

Truthfully, in the photo above, he looks like he's swinging a lot higher than he actually is. Photography Tip: For more dramatic swing shots, get down on the ground and shoot up. This angle puts your subject up higher in the sky and by eliminating the foreground it looks even higher. Don't forget to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.

Now, in this next photo it looks like he's upside down on the swing. That's because he's upside down on the swing. Photography Tip: When your child tries to flip himself upside down on a swing, put the camera down. Go take him off the swing and have a conversation about gravity and impact. Suggest  that he have fun “just swinging the normal way,” then listen for the sound of his eyes rolling as you walk back to your camera, cringing at the realization that you've become your mother.

covington ga kids photographer swing action shot in oxford ga
covington ga photographer oxford backyard swinging portrait